The World is not Given by his Father but Borrowed from his Children. James Audubon

October 23, 2020




The World is not Given by his Father but Borrowed from his Children. James Audubon

‘These paintings run from the artist like a forest fire. There are cracks and fissures, images falling asunder and parts physically burnt. There are incongruous elements together, shapes endangered and forms encroaching. Fire, water and earth spit and seethe. Anoma asks us to activate our redundant imagination and find urgent solutions to this global threat’
– Jana Manuelpillai

The world is perfect wherever man does not reach with his torment.
– Alexander Von Humboldt

The world is a sacred vessel. If you try to meddle with it you will ruin it. If you try to own it you will lose it.
– Lao Tsu

We are a plague on earth. Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us.
– David Attenborough

We cannot command nature except by obeying her.
– Francis Bacon

In Wilderness is the Preservation of the World.
– Henry David Thoreau

We need a fresh paradigm towards a permanent truce with nature, in concurrence with her pace and in sync with her rhythm.
– Ray Wijewardene

The environment is in us, not outside of us. The trees are our lungs, the rivers our blood stream. We are all interconnected and what you do to the environment ultimately you do to yourself.
– Ian Somerhalder

These quotes constitute the titles to the paintings and the 2019 exhibition was a call to arms and a tribute to the teenage climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg who is symbolized by the red figure in the paintings.

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