October 23, 2020





The National Gallery, Colombo
The Fort Printers, Galle

A trilingual multi media work that combines digital art with provocative words, music, performance  and video installation and stems from travels during 2002 to 2005 throughout war torn and tsunami ravaged Sri Lanka ranging from Jaffna to Colombo. Images of devastation and loss are contrasted with words on peace and reconciliation from philosophers, religious leaders, political activists and leaders and ordinary citizens. The juxtaposition evokes an intellectual and emotional response and examines on a visceral level the human condition.

‘It opens up an area of darkness – the possibility for individuals and communities to begin a process of conflict transformation – healing that begins with the recognition that we are all custodians of pain, loss and fragmented identities.’
Dhanu Kandappa

A curated set of images from the exhibit

Excerpt from the 36min video Quest

Quest exhibition

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