October 23, 2020





Saskia Fernando Gallery, Colombo – 2010

Through millennia, socialization has always been achieved by insisting on hierarchies of power defined by creed, religion, caste, age, gender and organizational function.

We are now at a crucial and historic moment in the annals of power. Never before has information been so readily and instantly accessible and so effortlessly sourced. Knowledge is power. Yet, the ability to see the global power game, as symbiotically connected, inextricably related and interdependent is harder than comprehending how wars are waged for future peace, or destruction wrought for greater dominion.

The reluctance to accept the responsibility that goes hand in hand with power or trace the faint lines between being overpowered or being empowered brings into question, our identity as human beings. Our struggle to resist the seduction of power, to be constantly and acutely vigilant of its lethal propensity to corrupt wisdom, justice and rational thought is surely the litmus test of true power. In our quest for divinity, the divine power, our journey is only possible through trust and faith in the realm of unconditional love while knowing deeply and absolutely that we belong to each other.

As we wield power over those who are swayed, we wear the masks of saviours, crusaders, redeemers, gods and goddesses, partners and parents, suffering minorities and benevolent nations. The crucial question remains whether when we recognize power in ourselves we are able to understand and accept the fleeting nature of power, and dispense power with love, grace and integrity.

Dhanu Kandappa

A curated set of images from the exhibit

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