New Passages

October 23, 2020




New Passages

The Noble sage collection, London – 2013

“Anoma again uses the poetry of renowned poet and friend, Ramya Jirisinghe as her starting point for exploration of the theme of deliverance. This subject has excited the artist for a few years now, giving her a poetic springboard to surf our understanding of memory and remembrance, the rites of passage that we all knowingly or unknowingly experience in our lives as well as our constant oscillation between the earthly world and the dreamscape. A word that reoccurs in her titles is ‘heart’. Anoma draws on many meanings in her usage: the physicality of the beating heart that is within us all and that therefore connects us with each other; the courage and conviction we need as humans to make it through our lives; and lastly, the symbol of the honest love we must feel to see the world with gentler, more sympathetic eyes.”
Jana Manuelpillai

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